SPILT MILK : Sad Songs and Self-Help.

this was the playlist for the first episode on KNCE 93.5 True Taos Radio. here's the playlist for episode 4

"Sweet Adeline" - Elliott Smith
"Down By the River" - Neil Young + Crazy Horse
"I'll See You When We Are Both Not So Emotional" - American Football
"Year's Last Snowfall" - The Rookie Lot
"Spring" - Rites of Spring
"Hate in Me" - Moss Icon
"Down" - Jawbreaker
"Reflections on Milkweed" - Indian Summer
"Capricorn" - Braid
"Something about a Ghost" - Desert City Soundtrack
"The Lentil Song (Who's Gonna Love Me?)" - Porch Cat
"Winter" - the Rolling Stones
"A Line Allows Progress, a Circle Does Not" - Bright Eyes
"No Name No. 5" - Elliott Smith
"Everything Should Try Again" - Jason Molina
"Fever Dream" - Iron and Wine
"December 27, 1990" - the Appleseed Cast
"Parking Lot" - Mineral
"Stay Home" - American Football
"Play Crack the Sky" - Brand New
"Champagne From A Paper Cup" - Death Cab for Cutie
"Remedios the Beautiful" - the Appleseed Cast