i did a radio show the other night on KNCE 93.5 True Taos Radio called SPILT MILK : Sad Songs and Self-Help. here's what was played in episode 2

"You Know I Should Be Leaving" - American Football
"You Don't Know How it Feels" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"If I could" - Mineral
"Pennyroyal Tea" - Nirvana
"Orchard" - Indian Summer
"Hugs from Boys" - Braid
"Town House" - Yearly
"Arizona" - Silver Bearing
"For Want Of" - Rites of Spring
"Critters" - Whiskey Business
"Leaving My New Mexico Home" - Zephaniah Stringfield
"Out on the Weekend (Neil Young Cover)" - Bright Eyes
"Marigold + Patchwork" - the Appleseed Cast
"Sodom South Georgia" - Iron + Wine
"White Lady Loves You More" - Elliott Smith
"It Must Be Raining There Forever" - Jason Molina
"Hospital" - the Modern Lovers
"The Sound of Silence" - Simon + Garfunkel
"Sea Anemone" - Jets to Brazil
"I'm So Tired" - Fugazi
"In Circles" - Sunny Day Real Estate

"Head Full of Doubt" - the Avett Brothers
"Steady Rolling" - Two Gallants
"You Stole" - Brand New