i did a radio show the other night on KNCE 93.5 True Taos Radio called SPILT MILK : Sad Songs and Self-Help. here's what was played in episode 3

"Don't Haunt This Place" - the Royal Alberta Advantage
"Hated Because of Great Qualities" - Blonde Redhead
"Woolworm/Angry Son" - Indian Summer
"Drink Deep" - Rites of Spring
"Better Half" - Jawbreaker
"Slower" - Mineral
"Lining Lake Michigan" - Braid
"Other Way Around" - Rites of Spring
"Old Friends" - Pinegrove
"Been Down So Long" - the Doors
"Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois" - Sufjan Stevens
"My Death" - David Bowie
"Carissa" - Sun Kil Moon
"New Dawn Fades" - Joy Division
"Smallpox Champion" - Fugazi
"Five Silent Miles" - American Football
"Sleep Spent" - Death Cab for Cutie
"Things Fall Apart" - Built to Spill
"It's Easier Now" - Jason Molina
"Happy Birthday to Me" - Bright Eyes
"Goodbye Stranger" - Supertramp