0 - Dandelion (the Fool)
II - Grass (the Magician)
II - Gotu Kola (the High Priestess)
III - Corn (the Empress)
IV - Pine (the Emperor)
V - Datura (the Hierophant)
VI - Trillium (the Lovers)
VII - Peyote (Strength)
VIII - Chicory (Justice)
IX - Mushroom (the Hermit)
X - Tumbleweed (the Wheel of Fortune)
XI - Mullein (the Chariot)
XII - Willow (the Hanged Man)
XIII - Poppy (Death)
XIV - Cattail (Temperance)
XV - Bindweed (the Devil)
XVI - Pennyroyal (the Tower)
XVII - Rosemary (the Star)
XVIII - Waterlily (the Moon)
XIX - Sunflower (the Sun)
XX - Tulip (Judgement)
XXI - Apple (the World)
Horsetail (Ace of Spring)
Violet (II of Spring)
Garlic (III of Spring)
Daisy (IV of Spring)
Vetch (V of Spring)
Ground Ivy (VI of Spring)
Barrel Cacti (VII of Spring)
Red Clover (VIII of Spring)
Lettuce (IX of Spring)
Thistle (X of Spring)
Fleabane (Daughter of Spring)
Daffodil (Son of Spring)
Lilac (Mother of Spring)
Bachelor's Buttons (Father of Spring)
Columbine (Seed of Summer)
Wild Rose (II of Summer)
Lovage (III of Summer)
Desert Sage (IV of Summer)
Lily (V of Summer)
Lily of the Valley (VI of Summer)
Venus Flytrap (VII of Summer)
Purple Loosestrife (VIII of Summer)
Strawberry (IX of Summer)
Tomato (X of Summer)
Maidenhair Fern (Daughter of Summer)
Fern (Son of Summer)
Kava Kava (Mother of Summer)
Licorice (Father of Summer)
Cucumber (Seed of Autumn)
Maple (II of Autumn
Aspen (III of Autumn)
Potato (IV of Autumn)
Monkshood (V of Autumn)
Gourd (VI of Autumn)
Chokecherry (VII of Autumn)
Peppers (VIII of Autumn)
Beet (IX of Autumn)
Zucchini (X of Autumn)
Blueberry (Daughter of Autumn)
Carrot (Son of Autumn)
Lavender (Mother of Autumn)
Juniper (Father of Autumn)
Tobacco (Seed of Winter)
Bittersweet (II of Winter)
Bleeding Heart (III of Winter)
Birch (IV of Winter)
Mandrake (V of Winter)
Spruce (VI of Winter)
Beech (VII of Winter)
Lady's Slipper (VIII of Winter)
Belladonna (IX of Winter)
Hemlock (X of Winter)
Ash (Daughter of Winter)
Locust (Son of Winter)
Sassafras (Mother of Winter)
Oak (Father of Winter)
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